Under vacuum dry salting tumbler

The under vacuum dry salting tumbler salts and massages coppa, loins, bacon, fiocchi, culatelli, shouldres, speck, cured ham, bresaola, … facilitating the quickest salt penetration in the meat.

The inner part has a special conical spiral profile for all products homogeneous massage, differently activated depending on the machine rotation speed.

It’s possible to make the massage permanently under vacuum or with pulsate vacuum, that is to say periodically restoring the atmospheric pressure for a better temperature control and for an additional action on the meat fibers.
It’s possible to make automatically the drainage of the surplus liquids for products that do not require an intensified yield much to the advantage of quality.

The lid (600 mm diameter) is supported by an oscillating arm, its double lips gasket guarantees a perfect seal not only of the vacuum, but also of the liquids even in absence of vacuum.
The side access hatch and the presence of wide range inner connectors facilitate the machine washing and cleaning.

A control board guides the operator step by step in writing and storing the working recipes, managing all the parameters.

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