The new MIN-A: casing with no labour

Fava Giorgio Axel is not just a machines supplier, but, above all the ideal partner for technological development. More than forty years of experience in food processing have made Fava Giorgio Axel not only able to solve the problems that the customers should have , but also to anticipate their needs. One of the goal has always been that one of reducing the operators’ labor to increase productivity. Starting from this simple concept Fava Giorgio Axel has made a new model of casing and modeling machine, the machine that gives the best results on the market. Its name is MIN-A and it has the automatic closing and opening of the loading door. Once put the product in, the operator has only to place a finger, even wearing latex gloves, on a special sensor to start door closing and consequently a new modeling and casing cycle. All these happen while the operator can put the casing on the anti-fatigue funnel, always supplied with Fava Giorgio Axel machines. At the end of the cycle the door opens and the operator can load another product. The machine is suitable for products having a diameter included between 80 and 150 mm and a length (it depends on the model) from 500 to 1100 mm.
Fava Giorgio Axel, since many years leader in coppa and bacon machines production, is well aware that a machine cost doesn’t end with purchase, for this reason it guarantees, thanks to its experience and to the large number of installed machines, very low maintenance cost, very fast intervention time to reduce at the minimum machine’s stop, very short washing time and, very important, the best security for workers.