NAV: LGV shuttles and QUADLIFT

Our proposal for logistics includes different vehicles, made by Esatroll, designed and produced on customer’s technical specifications, as turtles, pallet trucks, vehicles on rails, shuttles, stacker-cranes, etc. They can be all used in meat processing factories, as, for example, with our LEGOSTAMPO system, used to produce cooked ham for slicing, to feed automatically the freezing cells and to service the slicing lines, the end of lines and the loading bays, in general for moving everything inside and outside factories.
The most versatile automatic vehicles are: the LGV turtles that can move salamis frames till 6 meters high; the counterweighed LGV with forks on two or three sides and the QUADLIFT, 4-directional shuttles moving on a ground embedded guide where also traditional hand pallet and fork lift trucks can easily move.

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