Loader for salami and prosciutto TFRC

The TFRC system to load and unload salami hung on trolleys, frames and tray conveyors is extremely compact. It can be fed by automatic or semi-automatic products on rods loading devices. Thanks to the particularly stiff structure it’s possible to collect from the loaders, even in the same plant, all the products of a whole level or part of them. The perfect management of the accelerations permits to obtain high speeds with very low products’ oscillations, that is to say to satisfy high performances. FRC can load and unload trolleys, frames of big heights moved by LGV, tray conveyors, independently from the loading height. During the unloading phase it’s moreover possible unload rods one by one to feed packaging lines. TFRC has a great precision of movements that in synergy with the self-adjusting software permits to manage the insertion of rods even in presence of very restricted dimensional tolerances. TFRC è adatto anche al trattamento dei crudi, sia distesi, nelle fasi di salatura, sia appesi per le successive fasi di lavorazione. TFRC infatti può unire alla normale modalità operativa definita fronte-retro la possibilità di effettuare rotazioni del prodotto intorno all’asse verticale, comunque col controllo delle oscillazioni e nel minor spazio possibile. TFRC is internationally patented.

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