Labeling machine Etiflex

ETIFLEX automatic labeling machine, with electropneumatic operation and control, made of stainless steel and plastic material suitable for food contact, able to label salami, cacciatore, coppe, pancetta, bresaola, pâté, vegetarian, vegan and pet food products, in cylindrical, flattened, curved and U-shaped shapes, for products between 30 and 100 mm in diameter and 140 to 600 mm long.

The labeling machine, depending on the model, can use labels between 30 and 280 mm wide, and productivity can reach 2,600 pcs/h.

The ETIFLEX labeling machine can be equipped with pigment transfer or inkjet markers, and can print in plain text, and/or bare code, data such as production date, batch number, or whatever else is needed; the label design and precision of the machine will allow printing in a defined area, without overlapping on the company brand or other information.

The marker could also print data such as product name and ingredients, in the language of the destination country, cutting label changeover time to zero and with obvious management simplification.

The operator panel allows the selection of the recipe corresponding to the product and label, as well as providing directions for adjusting the machine.

Our proposal also includes the ETIFELX-W model, which can carry out the weighing of each individual product, possibly also printing the weight and price on the label, either in plain or bar code, always without overlapping and allowing precise verification of batch weights in production.

All ETIFLEX labeling machines are equipped with a device for remote Internet connection, either for technical assistance or to change operating modes.

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