Compact Loader for frames, trolleys, racks

Our compact loaders, and unloaders, for racks on which placing poles with hanging products are the best answer to eliminate tiring and risky operations, even with attention to not high productions. Our systems can be powered by automatic or semi-automatic devices, for loading salami and processed meat onto poles, manufactured by us or by other companies. The design, derived from our TFRC loading system, allows for customization according to the length of the hanging bars (poles), the size of the frames, or trolleys, or racks to be loaded, and the size of the products. In the case of semi-automatic loading, the operator, once received the products from the upstream lines, inserts the hanging poles in the loops and then places the poles, without any effort, in the hooks of the lifting chain that determines the number of bars of the shelf to be loaded.

The basic model CSB is the most economical and least cumbersome. It requires the height of the levels to be loaded to be the same for all the racks and it loads only two levels per frame.
The CS model can move vertically the arms that load the poles with the hanging processed products. In this way the loader adapts to frames that, with the same width, may have different heights, as may be different the height of the levels to be loaded. Another possibility for this model is to load more levels, in case the dimensions of the products and racks allow it.
The CSC model differs from the CS in the presence of a compensation device that allows the loader to operate even when replacing a loaded rack with an empty one.
For all models, the levels are loaded from top to bottom, while unloading is carried out from bottom to top. Depending on the characteristics of the products, and provided that logistic and sanitary requirements allow it, it could be possible to use the loaders also for unloading. For all models, the frames are inserted with the loading arms already in the starting position of the cycle; for this reason in the frame introduction cage there are guides and pneumatic devices that lock the rack in the correct working position. Only the CSC model allows replacing the rack without stopping the loading cycle, in any case in compliance with safety regulations.
A touch screen control panel allows the operator to define the operating modes. The PLC allows both the connection with the company production management system and the remote connection with our technical assistance service.

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