Casing and modeling machine

Machine for shaping and casing coppa, rolled bacon, loins, bresaola, salted meat, etc., but also for products to be sliced.

This machine is the most innovative and safest machine on the market.
It models and cases whole products as coppa, loins, bresaola and rolled products as bacon and bacon with loin inside.

The innovative design warranties the maximum safety (thanks to the presence of certified sensors controlled by a suitable control unit), the perfect casing of rolled products (thanks to the rigid construction that assures a cylindrical and compact product), the total and complete modeling of whole products with automatic flattening of the heads, the reduction to the minimum of the operator effort (thanks to the special constructive structure of the funnel), the maximum hygiene (thanks to the molds that have open structure and that are completely removable), a higher productivity (thanks to the automatic re-opening of the mold’s cover at the end of the cycle).

The machine can be used with all casings types, both natural and synthetic. There are 3 models: 520, 740 and 950 with a production that varies from 120 to 300 pieces per hour depending on the characteristics and the length of the products.

The name of the new model of casing and modeling machine, the machine is MIN-A and it has the automatic closing and opening of the loading door.

Once put the product in, the operator has only to place a finger, even wearing latex gloves, on a special sensor to start door closing and consequently a new modeling and casing cycle (round shape, flattened points and better cohesion if more than one piece is inserted) .
All these happen while the operator can put the casing on the anti-fatigue funnel.
At the end of the cycle the door opens and the operator can load other products.

The machine is suitable for products having a diameter included between 80 and 150 mm and a length (it depends on the model) from 500 to 1100 mm.

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